Old Saint Paul’s Historical Timeline

This historical timeline provides an overview of Old Saint Paul's history. Please see A History of OSP for more about our history.

Year Event
1560 Reformation led by John Knox.
1660 The Church of Scotland under dual Presbyterian-Episcopal government.
1688 The Glorious Revolution: King James VII flees to France, replaced by the Protestant Mary & William III of Orange.
1689 Bishops loyal to James abandon the Scottish Parliament, which then abolishes the prelacy. Bishop Rose leaves Saint Giles.
1707 Act of Union passed; Scottish Parliament abolished.
1715 & 1745 The Jacobite Risings
1750-89 The Episcopal Church declines.
1752 First visit to Saint Paul’s of Samuel Seabury.
1772 Charles Wesley visits Saint Paul’s.
1784 Samuel Seabury consecrated in Aberdeen.
1788 Bonnie Prince Charlie dies in Rome; the first prayers are said in Saint Paul’s for the House of Hanover.
1789-92 Repeal of anti-Episcopal laws; the Church begins to flourish.
1846 The breakaway to Saint Columba’s Church.
1873 Saint Paul’s is closed and condemned.
1880-83 Present Church building erected.
1884 Church renamed 'Old Saint Paul’s'.
1888 Willis organ installed.
1890 First nave extension.
1904-05 Second nave extension; Lady Chapel built.
1926 Memorial Chapel & Calvary Stair built.
1951 The first High Mass is celebrated at Old Saint Paul's.
1962 New vestry buildings erected in memory of Canon Laurie.
1977 The High Altar re-sited to allow celebration of Mass facing the congregation.
1989 Tercentenary Celebrations.

Samuel Seabury

Samuel Seabury, the first Bishop of the Episcopal Church of the United States, attended Old Saint Paul's in the 18th century

The Calvary Stair

The Calvary Stair, built in 1926 - there are 33 steps, the traditional age of Christ at the time of His crucifixion