Supporting Old Saint Paul’s

It costs around £181,500 a year to run Old Saint Paul's, or about £3,495 every week. This does not include the costs of any exceptional expenditure; just day to day running costs, and our routine maintenance programme. Please see the Summary Budget for 2014-15 at the foot of this page.

Regular, Responsible Giving

We ask all members of the congregation to keep their giving under review and to raise it when they can. The Church belongs to us all and we each have a responsibility for its upkeep. Besides, this giving is a very practical, tangible way of showing our commitment to God and to the community in which we live.

We won’t, and don’t, harass our members. Rather, we want everyone to feel such an integral part of this community that each one of us gives according to our means with the same kind of spirit of generosity we would give to any other member of our family.

Ways to Give

Regular giving can be arranged through:

  • a standing order to your bank;
  • a weekly and/or undated envelope in the collection;
  • payroll giving.

You can make online donations through our Everyclick secure payments facility.

Download a copy of our standing order and gift aid declaration form here. PDF 170 Kb

If you are a taxpayer and you sign a Gift Aid declaration, we can claim back tax on your offering (currently 25p for every pound). Gift Aid allows for flexibility in your giving. You only need to sign one form, but can adjust the level of your giving as and when necessary or desired.

You can discuss your giving in confidence with Lynne Niven, the Stewardship Recorder.

Summary Budget for 2014-15

The summary budget for 2014-15 is as follows:

Activity Per Yr Per Wk
Clergy – stipends, pensions, housing, travel 81,200 1,560
Liturgy – choir, music, consumables for the Eucharist, flowers 15,100 290
Premises – utilities, cleaning, repairs, insurance 44,900 865
Office – salaries, stationery, telephone 11,600 225
Childen's ministry – salaries, training, running expenses 5,100 100
Other – activities, publicity, fees 3,600 70
Quota – contribution to the diocese 14,200 275
Grants – from the tithing fund 4,200 80
Governance – independent examination, statutory meetings 1,600 30
Total budget expenditure 181,500 3,495

The budget seeks to cover this amount as follows:

Activity Per Yr Per Wk
Giving – collections, tax recoveries, donations 130,500 2,510
Space letting – of church and hall (net of costs) 19,000 365
Investments – income from unit trust and deposits 12,100 230
Activities 2,500 50
Curate grant, from the diocese 16,700 320
Part of our music costs are covered by a generous legacy and donations 6,300 120
Total budget income 187,100 3,595

For 2014-15 we therefore expect there to be a surplus of £5,600, or about £110 per week, to assist with covering deficits in earlier years.


Detail from the chancel screen