Who's Who at Old Saint Paul's

This page introduces the Old Saint Paul's clergy team and the principal contacts for our various groups and committees. We look forward to meeting you at OSP!

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Old Saint Paul's Non-Vestry Officials

Jean KeltieJean Keltie | Non-Vestry Officials
Parish Administrator and Hall Bookings
Email: office@osp.org.uk
John KitchenJohn Kitchen | Non-Vestry Officials
Director of Music
Email: music@osp.org.uk
Paul LugtonPaul Lugton | Non-Vestry Officials
Children's and Young People's Worker
Email: children@osp.org.uk
Lynne NivenLynne Niven | Non-Vestry Officials
Stewardship Recorder
Email: stewardship@osp.org.uk
Calum RobertsonCalum Robertson | Non-Vestry Officials
Assistant Organist
Email: asstorg@osp.org.uk
Norma WalkerNorma Walker | Non-Vestry Officials
Children and Vulnerable Adults Protection Co-ordinator
Email: protection@osp.org.uk

The Old Saint Paul's congregation pictured from the balcony at the back of the church