Fairtrade Group

Scripure reminds us that in our Christian lives we should treat both our immediate neighbours and those on whom our actions have an impact in the wider world with respect and justice.

Supporting and taking part in the Fairtrade movement is an important way in which we, as a church, can do this. Old Saint Paul’s has gradually worked towards becoming a Fairtrade Church: using only Fairtrade tea, coffee and sugar as well as regularly holding a Fairtrade stall in the hall after High Mass on the third Sunday of every month, with extra events held at other times.

The poor of the world suffer most at the hands of conventional ‘unfair’ trading structures and practices which can lead to the exploitation and marginalisation of the poorest and most powerless members of society. The Fairtrade movement seeks to challenge these injustices.  It is only part of the solution but enables producers to lift himself or herself and his or her community out of poverty.

Through commitments to long-term relationships and building the capacity of producer groups, Fairtrade gives producers the confidence to plan and invest for the future and the ability to compete in international or local market places. Consumers benefit from being able to buy quality products, knowing that others have not been exploited through the production process.

Old Saint Paul’s has been certified as a Fairtrade church since January 2008. This certificate is an important sign of our commitment to and support of Fairtrade and it is a sign that we do more than talk about justice – we try to practise it too in our daily lives and decisions. For more information on Fairtrade visit Traidcraft or Fairtrade. If you would like to get involved with the Fairtrade Group at OSP or wish any more information about what we do please contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Picking coffee in Nicaragua

Picking coffee in Nicaragua (picture courtesy The Fairtrade Foundation)