Restoration and Renewal

Old Saint Paul’s Church is found in the historic heart of the city of Edinburgh. It is a place of calm, beauty and stillness, a refuge from the noise and pressure of life in the surrounding city streets.

It is home to a lively and diverse congregation, sustaining a pattern of worship, music and prayer.

Church and hall are in constant use by the congregation and by the wider community of the Old Town for a range of social activities.

Our project

The church is dwarfed by high buildings with one entrance in a busy thoroughfare, the other down a long close leading off the Royal Mile.

We want to make Old Saint Paul’s more visible, more accessible, more welcoming - as A Sign in the City.

The entrance – the outer and inner doors will be replaced and the entire approach marked by new paving and lit from above by lamps spreading pools of light around the entrance.

Notice boards and signs – these are the first point of contact with the passer-by and with those intending to visit the church. They will be renewed and positioned to ensure that they fulfil their purpose.

The Calvary stair – this beautiful stairway leading to the striking Calvary at the top will be lit in a way that is practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Wheelchair access – the church is built on a steep incline which makes wheelchair access problematic. We intend to replace a cumbersome stair climber with a platform chair lift that will be easy to operate, reliable and safe for the user.

The walls – the walls of the entrance and the Calvary stair have become grimy with age and discoloured by water stains. An expert in stone-cleaning will restore these areas.

Memorial chapel – this is a special place of remembrance which displays Still by Alison Watt. Its walls will be cleaned and some unnecessary stone furniture removed.

Our target – The estimated cost of implementing the changes and improvements is £135,000.

If you would like to help us, please send your contribution marked ‘Appeal’ to The Treasurer, Church Office, 39 Jeffrey Street, Edinburgh EH1 1DH

Gift aid forms are available in the church or can be downloaded here.

Thank you!

You can also donate via our secure online giving facility.

Please return to this page for latest news and events about the project and fundraising activity.

The Calvary stair will be cleaned, and improved lighting and a chair lift will be installed.

The Memorial chapel walls will be cleaned, and the furniture simplified.