Forthcoming Services

Details of forthcoming services at Old Saint Paul's:

Wednesday 1 April 2015


Service Tenebrae - an evening service for Holy Week
Time 7.30pm
Psalms The psalms and readings all sung to plainsong or faux-bourdon settings.
Readings Psalm 69; Lamentations 1.1-14; Psalms 76 & 77; 1 Corinthians 11.17-34; Psalms 90 & 36; Luke 1.68-79; Psalm 51

Thursday 2 April 2015


Service High Mass of the Lord’s Supper, Washing of Feet, and Watch of the Passion
Time 7.30pm
Preacher tba
Readings Exodus 12.1-14; Psalm 116.1-2,12-19; 1 Corinthians 11.23-26; John 13.1-17,31b-35; Mark 14.26-72
Mass setting Missa quarti toni Victoria
Anthem Washing of feet: If ye love me Tallis
Offertory:Ubi caritas Paul Mealor

Friday 3 April 2015


Service The Three Hours
Time 12noon
Preacher tba
Service Liturgy of the Passion, Veneration of the Crucified, and Holy Communion
Time 1.30pm
Readings Isaiah 52.13–53.12; Psalm 22; Hebrews 4.14-16; 5.7-9; John 19.1-38
Mass setting The Passion according to John Victoria
Anthem The Reproaches Victoria

Saturday 4 April 2015


Service The Vigil and First Mass of Easter
Time 5am
Preacher Fr Ian Paton
Readings Gen 1.1–2.4; Ps 136.1-9,23-26; Ex 14.10–15.21; Ezek 36.24-28; Pss 42-43; Rom 6.3-11; Ps 114; Mk 16.1-8
Mass setting Missa Sancti Nicolai Haydn
Anthem Now the green blade riseth Kitchen
Organ Toccata Lanquetuit

Sunday 5 April 2015


Service High Mass for Easter Day
Time 10.30am
Preacher Mtr Kate Reynolds
Readings Acts 10.34-43; Psalm 118.1-2,12-24; 1 Corinthians 15.1-11; John 20.1-18
Mass setting Messe, op. 36 Widor
Anthem Ye choirs of new Jerusalem Stanford
Organ Praeludium in D Buxtehude
Service Solemn Evensong and Benediction
Time 6.30pm
Responses Reading
Psalms 114,115
Readings Isaiah 51.9-11; John 20.19-23
Canticles Blair in B minor
Anthem Above all praise and all majesty Mendelssohn
Organ Organ chorale on 'Vulpius' Healey Willan

Gospel reading at Old St Paul's