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A Sign in the City

Date Posted: Wednesday 18 May 2011

Old Saint Paul’s is a place of calm, beauty and stillness, a refuge from the noise and pressure of life in the surrounding city streets.

It is home to a lively and diverse congregation, sustaining a pattern of worship, music and prayer.

Church and Hall are in constant use by the congregation and by the wider community of the Old Town for a range of social activities.

The church is dwarfed by high buildings with one entrance in a busy thoroughfare, the other down a long close leading off the Royal Mile.

The entrance via the Calvary Stair into Old Saint Paul’s must be one of the most imposing and dramatic ways into any church in Scotland.

However, for people who have difficulties with mobility, especially people who use a wheelchair, the Calvary Stair is not an entrance, but a barrier.

The time has come to make a more permanent fixed installation of stair climbing equipment so that the entrance can become an entrance for everybody, at any time.

This, and other improvements to the Jeffrey Street entrance, better lighting, and better paving outside will form the next phase of our Restoration and Renewal project for Old Saint Paul’s.

We want to make Old Saint Paul’s more visible, more accessible - as a Sign in the City.

More details about our plans, and how you can help, can be found on our restoration and renewal page.

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