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Equal Marriage and Old Saint Paul’s

Date Posted: Wednesday 28 January 2015

Old Saint Paul’s purpose is to invite everyone to discover God’s love through our worship and community life. This means that we try to be a fully inclusive congregation, to offer pastoral care and support to all, and to respond to everyone who asks us for prayer.

We will always offer affirmation and respect to those who want to live in loving, faithful, committed relationships, whatever their gender or sexual orientation.

In December 2014 the Law in Scotland changed to enable same-sex couples to enter into marriage on an equal basis with others. We warmly congratulate all those who have been married or are preparing to be married as a result of this change. We are sorry that the marriage service is not yet available to you in the Scottish Episcopal Church, while the Church is actively engaged in the process of deciding if it will enable this to happen.

Many of us long for the day to come, and to come soon, when all marriages can be celebrated equally by the Church, as they now are by the State (for a Christian discussion of Equal Marriage see the White Rose OSP Newsletter for September 2012).

Until then, Old Saint Paul’s would like to invite you and other couples who have celebrated or are planning to celebrate a Civil Marriage, to have also a service of Blessing of Marriage.

A service of Blessing can happen at any time after a Civil Marriage, on the same day or later. The clergy will help you to prepare for the service. It can be prepared and celebrated in a similar way to other celebrations in Old Saint Paul’s - with music, choir and ritual, or with quiet simplicity.

Old Saint Paul’s welcomes you and any others who would like to enquire about these services. To find out more, please contact the .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).


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