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Lilies for Easter

Date Posted: Tuesday 24 February 2015

This Easter we will be decorating Old Saint Paul’s with lilies, pure and simple. The Easter lily, (Lilium longiflorum), embodies in its elegant trumpet-shape grace, purity, hope and life. Around the world churches use this flower to commemorate the Resurrection.

This Easter, if you would like to remember someone who has died, or to give thanks for an anniversary or other gift, we would like to invite you to give one or more lily stems in commemoration. The minimum donation is £4.00 per stem per name, please.

You can donate by either of two methods:

  • use one of the flower envelopes available in church, and add it to the collection during mass, or return it to the church office. Please write clearly the name of the person being remembered or the gift being celebrated, and whether you would like this included in the list of donors at Easter. If paying by cheque, please write ‘Easter Flowers’ on the envelope and on the cheque reverse side.
  • donate online by going to our online Easter lilies page: The minimum contribution for online giving is £5. So, it’s £5 for one stem or £8 for two!

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