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Helpers work with others in the congregation, including a paid Children and Young Person’s Worker, to help children be involved with church life.

No experience is necessary - training and coaching is provided. All adults working closely with children and young people go through a safeguarding process which includes Protection of Vulnerable Group (PVG) checks.

Find out more about Safeguarding at OSP

If you would like to get involved, please contact our Children and Young Person's Worker.

Sunday mornings

We provide a Sunday school and crèche is for children during our main service on Sunday morning. You can find out more on our Worship pages.

Find out more about the Sunday school and crèche

On a Sunday morning, helpers are involved with:

  • Getting the space ready for children
  • Helping children play or create artwork
  • Making sure that children’s physical needs are met
  • Supporting children to take part in the story, song or prayers
  • Telling a story or leading a prayer
  • Updating parents or guardians at the end of our time together.

Our volunteers usually help out one Sunday per month.

Messy Church

Old Saint Paul’s joins with other city centre churches to offer a Messy Church service, one Saturday a month during term time. The service is in English and British Sign Language. All helpers speak one or both of these languages.

At Messy Church, helpers may be involved with:

  • Getting the space ready for the service
  • Preparing a craft or activity for the service
  • Helping others participate in the service
  • Participating in the service themselves
  • Helping to get lunch ready

Other services and events

Helpers sometimes get involved in supporting other services and events, such as on Christmas Eve and the Saturday before Easter Day.