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Everyone who attends Old Saint Paul's, or prays for or with us, contributes to our collective worship of God.

There are also many groups that make a dedicated contribution to worship through care of our liturgy and music. These groups are listed below. You can find out more about our worship tradition by visiting the Liturgy and Music page.

Visit the Liturgy and Music page

Audio-Visual Team

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we started to livestream services as nobody was able to attend church in person. Through the generosity of the congregation, we now have a built-in streaming system that is linked to the speakers and hearing loop. This has allowed us to train a small team of volunteers to broadcast services online.

We make sure that everyone can stay connected with Old Saint Paul's even if they cannot join us in person. We are looking to expand the team. If you enjoy working with technology, get in touch!

Coordinator:     Kimberley Moore-Ede

Visit the Online Resources page

Children and Youth Group

Helpers work with others in the congregation, including a Children and Youth Worker (currently this position is vacant), to help children be involved in life. We provide a Sunday school and crèche during our main service on Sunday morning. Helpers are involved with getting the space ready for children, helping children play or create artwork, making sure that children's physical needs are met, supporting children to take part in the story, song or prayers, telling a story or leading a prayer, updating parents or guardians at the end of our time together. Helpers sometimes get involved in supporting other services and events, such as on Christmas Eve and the Saturday before Easter Day. Volunteering is subject to our safeguarding policy.

Chair:       John McLuckie (temporary)
Meets:     children's church each Sunday; 3 times per year (advisory group)

Read more about Children and Youth Worship with OSP here.

Coffee Team

We are a caring friendly team which prepares, serves and clears up the refreshments after Mass every Sunday (usually coffee, sometimes wine!). Training with the coffee machines and dishwasher is provided. It is an excellent way to meet other members of the congregation.

Coordinator:        Mary Jeffrey-Jones


At High Mass on Sundays, our role is to help the congregation to focus its prayer on the needs of the whole world, of our nation and city, of the universal and local church, and of all people in every kind of adversity. We also pray for ourselves and those who have passed away.

Part of our role is to be aware of current events and issues so that we keep the prayers of the church relevant.

Coordinator:     Jaime Wright


Our choir sings at Mass and Evensong every Sunday, on major Feast Days, and at the carol services of Advent and Christmas. You can find out more about the choir and how to join on the Liturgy and Music page.

Director of Music:                   John Kitchen
Assistant Director of Music:  Calum Robertson
Contact:                         ;
Meets:                                      Practice on Thursday night 1930-2100

Visit the Liturgy and Music page


We enjoy reading the Bible in church and find that it increases our sense of connection with the whole congregation. We provide reading training for new readers.

Coordinator:     Tim Blackmore


We care for the church’s vestments, altar linen and other items used during services. It is a bit like being wardrobe and props manager at a theatre!

OSP has a huge collection of fine vestments collected over a long period of time, some dating from the nineteenth century. They include altar frontals and other church hangings, High Mass sets, copes, and low Mass sets, several in each of the church’s traditional liturgical colours.

We prepare the church for both Sunday and weekday services by laying out all the vestments and other liturgical ‘props’, such as chalices, ciboria, wafer boxes, wine and water cruets, monstrances, thuribles and lecterns.

Coordinator:     Pamela Johnston


Being a server is a particularly intimate way of being involved in the liturgy. It is both a practical and symbolic role that enables everyone to play their part in worship.

OSP has a diverse team of about 20 servers. We serve at Mass and Evensong every Sunday, on major Feast Days, and at the carol services of Advent and Christmas. Clergy and servers always rehearse before major services. We are particularly busy during the week leading up to Easter, known as Holy Week. Full training is given, and a monthly rota makes sure everyone has their turn.

Coordinators:     Kimberley Moore-Ede, Steve Harries


Our team of volunteer Welcomers are available to greet both regular members and visitors to services and other events. We help to prepare the church for services, tidy afterwards, answer questions and provide information. It is an interesting and important role and excellent way to meet people.

Coordinators:     Simon Parsons