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Giving group

Our main aim is to encourage the giving of time, talent, money and prayer to support the mission and ministry of OSP. The group is also responsible for making recommendations to the Vestry for grants to other charities.

Belonging to a church is about giving something of ourselves to its life and purpose and sustaining it for future generations. More than that, it is about how we offer our selves in response to God’s grace and love. What we give represents who we are as we stand before God.

How you can get involved

As well as prayer, you can contribute

  • money, giving if possible by standing order as this enables us to predict our income and to plan accordingly
  • time and talent: through the volunteering opportunities that give all of us the chance to use our talents in Christ’s service.

Another way you can contribute to our mission is by nominating a charity to be the recipient of a grant by OSP. You can find out how to do this here. [download]

If you can help, or would like to know more, you can contact us.