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Creationtide 2023

The season of creation runs 1 September to 4 October.

This year’s theme at OSP is ‘Companion Species: Valuing the nonhumans who live alongside us’.

High Mass

On 17 September, Fr John McLuckie will be giving a special all-age accessible sermon and the intercessions will be lead by our children.


On 24 September, we will have a guest preacher: Mtr Susan Hollins, counsellor.

A photo showing a bunch of flowers

On 1 October, we will be celebrating the Feast of St Francis. We will have a guest preacher, Br Joseph Emmanuel, SSF. For this Sunday, we are inviting everyone to bring in flowers, grasses, or greenery from their own gardens, the bicycle path, or the road side. Please bring contributions on Saturday 30 September or early before Mass on Sunday, providing enough time to arrange them for display. We will also be celebrating this service with homemade bread.


Children’s activities: these will be relevant to our theme, including inviting their intercessions at high mass on 17 September. We will paint bird-boxes and build 'bug hotels' to be used in their own gardens or balconies, and in OSP's memorial garden. These practical activities will take place across most of the Sundays of the season, and will include discussions on their upkeep and on the importance of both birds and bugs in the cycle of life. Bird houses and paint will be provided, but it would be helpful if children attending had an old shirt or apron with them to protect their clothing.

We also ask that each child bring, if possible, any or all of the following:

A photo showing a bird box with a parent bird feeding a hungry chick.

  • an empty (cleaned) 2litre plastic bottle or small wooden box,
  • some small pine cones,
  • a bag in which to carry home their bird-house and bug hotel, and
  • some pieces of cardboard (thick, with corrugation preferably).

Special Service

On 1 October at 6.30pm, instead of our usual choral evensong and benediction, we will have a special Companion Species Blessing Service. You are invited to bring your own companion animals or plants to be blessed. If your pet would not be able to handle such a service, please bring an item belonging to them to be blessed.

Our guest preacher will be Dr Bethany Sollereder, lecturer in science and religion at Edinburgh University. The service will be followed by refreshments for humans and nonhumans alike (cat and dog treats; please bring your own treats for other creatures).

Funds raised during the service will be donated to Scottish Therapets: