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Book for Lent Reading

Lent starts soon (February 22) and here are a few suggestions for Lent reading either individually or in a group. All the titles are available at Cornerstone Bookshop on the terrace by St. John’s and for groups multiple copies can be bought at a discount.

Failure by Emma Ineson

In 2019, Emma Ineson wrote about ambition and what it means for Christians to be successful. And then there was a global pandemic… Suddenly failure began to feel very much more familiar than success.

The Way of Thomas Merton by Thomas Inchausti

A beautifully designed devotional guide for Lent based on Thomas Merton’s major writings that will help you find and develop your true self as you journey through Lent and beyond.

An Easter Book of Days by Gregory Cameron

A beautiful exploration of the Cross and Resurrection, and Easter Book of Days tells the stories of the key Easter characters and what we can learn from them today.

God Forsaken by Stephen Cottrell

This series of reflections, written for Lent and Holy Week 2023 by the Archbishop of York Stephen Cottrell, ponders the significance of these words. What does it mean for Jesus to have quoted them, at the very end of his life? What do those words mean for us?


Hearing God in Poetry by Richard Harris

A collection of poetry for Lent and Easter compiled by the former Bishop of Oxford in 2021.


a photo of someone reading with a dog resting by his/her feet

Fr Paul Burrows has kindly offered this excellent selection of titles as he says ‘for reading either individually or in a group’. Is there an appetite for the resurrection of a Book Group? Reading with a group can help focus the mind. It is also heartening to see that the numbers of independent book shops in on the increase suggesting that people DO still read books and not just in lockdown.

Find a comfy spot and snuggle in for a good read…