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Remembrance Sunday at Old Saint Paul’s

Each Remembrance Sunday since 2014, we have remembered those connected with Old Saint Paul’s who died 100 years ago as a result of the First World War. Each of their names are inscribed on the wall of our Memorial Chapel.

This year we conclude with those who died following the First World War due to wounds or disease. We will also reflect on the Memorial Chapel itself, its significance for the congregation a century ago, and the legacy left to us today.

Old Saint Paul’s Remembers the First World War

From 2014 we have produced an accompanying Remembrance publication, ‘Old Saint Paul’s Remembers the First World War’. Each edition outlines events and mini biographies of the soldiers who died in each year.

This year’s final publication will be available from Sunday 10 November for £5. Previous years’ editions from 1915 to 1918 will also be available to buy as a bundle of four for £2.

To obtain copies, you can either

  • get them in church, or
  • contact the church office to place an order.

Contact the church office

Find out about this year’s Remembrance Sunday service