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Returning safely to communal worship

We are delighted to be able to open our church again for public worship with the Bishop’s permission. There are a few preparations to be made before then and you will find some things a little different, but I am sure that many of us are very much looking forward to being together again. Here are some of the main things you will need to know if you intend to join us for Sunday morning Mass.

9 August 2020: The church reopens for the first time since the pandemic began.

26 December 2020 update: We are currently in Tier 4 restrictions, which limit worship numbers to 20 people per service.

4 January 2021 update: The national lockdown means that the church is closed for gathered worship in person.

28 March 2021 update: The church is reopen for public worship subject to the guidelines listed below.

22 August 2021 update: Registration is no longer required to attend on Sunday mornings. The regulations below still apply.

7 November 2021 update: We are now offering refreshments after the service.

Before you arrive

  • We are advised to take contact details for those attending – these will be registered on the door. This is so we can let people know if anyone attending has had a positive test for the coronavirus. We will destroy this information after 21 days.
  • We are now distributing liturgy and hymn books as normal. If you would prefer not to handle books, you can download the liturgy for the day by visiting our Online Resources page.
  • In line with current Scottish Government guidance, please bring a mask or other face-covering to wear in church, unless you are exempt from wearing one.

Giving to Old Saint Paul’s

  • We would encourage you to give by standing order if possible.
  • If you would like to make a donation in church, please use the contactless device either before or after mass.
  • If you would prefer to make a cash donation, please place it in the wall safe.

When you enter the church

  • You will be greeted at the door and asked to clean your hands.
  • You may sit with any other members of your household. We recommend maintaining a 1m distance from other households at all times.

During the Mass

  • Please participate in the usual way!
  • Congregational singing is permitted, but please continue to wear your mask unless exempt from wearing one.
  • For Holy Communion, please approach the celebrant as directed, cleaning your hands on the way and keeping 1m distance from others where possible.
  • Please receive the Host in your hands, without touching the priest’s hand, then step aside to consume it.
  • Please clean your hands after communion, before putting your mask or face-covering back on.

After Mass

  • Please leave the building as directed, observing 1m distance from others where possible.
  • We are now serving refreshments in the church hall.
  • You will be able to access the toilets as normal.

We will continue to broadcast services live from Old Saint Paul’s on our YouTube channel and via the Online Resources page.