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Our future

Our building is not young – what we need to use it for has evolved steadily, and the structure has not kept up.

We have been reflecting on what needs to be done to keep the building fit for purpose. It has been a long and consultative process, so long that at times it must have looked dormant!

Building improvements needed

We have a historic, treasured and lovely building. It is the cherished home of a diverse and sociable congregation and the physical foundation for all that we do to worship God and bear witness to God’s love of the world.

Our building needs a number of basic improvements. We plan to

  • improve disabled access
  • install a new heating system for church and hall
  • improve the toilets
  • create better storage
  • redecorate the hall
  • make our street face a bit more welcoming.

We also need to make our downstairs space work better under four headings:

  1. Social – engaging with our wider community and neighbours.
  2. Heritage – sharing more of our exceptionally interesting history.
  3. Culture – improving our space for music, theatre and exhibitions.
  4. Congregation – enhancing our space for enjoying each others' company and children's activities.

What we're doing next

Our next steps are to

  • move from thinking to delivering
  • get the necessary permissions
  • raise the money, and
  • do it!

How you can help

There are many ways you can help make turn the vision into reality. You can

  • pray
  • attend meetings and get involved in developing the project
  • tell people about the project
  • fundraise, for example by organising fund-raising events
  • give money
  • leave a legacy.

Make a donation

You can make a donation by either

  • contacting the church office, or
  • sending your contribution marked R&R Appeal to The Treasurer by post to the church office.