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Baptism and confirmation


Baptism (or christening) is the welcome of a child or adult into the Body of Christ. It is a public profession of faith, or in the case of an infant, the promises of a parent to bring the child up in the Christian faith.

Baptism marks the beginning of a lifelong relationship with Christ, which does not end with death, for along with Christ we are raised from the dead. Baptisms take place during High Mass on Sunday mornings, as a way of welcoming our newest members and allowing the congregation to affirm their support of your calling to follow Christ.


Confirmation is a public declaration of your acceptance of the promises either you or your parents made when you were baptised. During the confirmation service, the Bishop will anoint you with holy oil and lay hands upon you.

Arrange a baptism or confirmation

You can contact the church office if you would like to explore

  • baptism for yourself
  • your child being confirmed.

You will then meet with a priest, who will prepare you for baptism or confirmation. For confirmation, we run regular courses.