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Weddings and blessings

Marriage is a wonderful gift from God and a sign of God’s grace.

Old Saint Paul’s is pleased to extend a warm welcome to all couples who would like to celebrate their marriage in church. We will always offer affirmation and respect to those who want to live in loving, faithful, committed relationships, whatever their gender or sexual orientation.

The liturgy of the Scottish Episcopal Church describes marriage as a journey, through which we grow and are transformed. Your wedding marks an important point in this journey and we would be delighted to share in the occasion.

Old Saint Paul’s offers a beautiful setting for a wedding. You will meet with a priest for marriage preparation, and to choose prayers, readings, vows, hymns and music.

We are also delighted to hold a service of blessing for couples who wish to reaffirm their vows.

Arrange a wedding or blessing

Please contact the Rector if you are interested in getting married or having a blessing at Old Saint Paul’s.