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Pastoral care

To be present with someone and attentive to their needs is an immense privilege. Care for one another in this way might be offered when illness or bereavement strikes.

Particular needs might arise in other transitions such as relationship difficulties or loss of employment. People dealing with long-term or debilitating physical or mental illness may greatly value ongoing support.

We call this pastoral care because it is care that reflects Jesus’ compassion as the Good Shepherd. Old Saint Paul’s, like most churches, is a community who care for one another informally through friendship. However, we recognise that it is also important to be intentional about pastoral care, particularly when people have needs that are complex. This may mean they are especially vulnerable.

Ministry of caring

A small team of experienced people are, under the direction of the Rector, given particular responsibilities for the ministry of caring.

Ministry of reconciliation

A member of the clergy can be available for anyone requesting the sacrament of reconciliation. This is often known as ‘confession’ in our liturgical tradition and is God’s gift to help us in restoring our relationship with God in the face of sin. In the Scottish Episcopal Church this sacrament is available but not required. In other words, "all may, some should, none must" describes our approach to spoken confession in the presence of a priest.

To request the sacrament of reconciliation or ministry of caring, you can contact our Rector.